Monticello fire on the loose

Photo Courtesy of Monticello Live

There was a wildfire in Monticello last Wednesday. According to Monticello Live there was about 600-700 acres was destroyed by the fire;  reportedly there were four deer camps destroyed, but no homes. The black smoke of the fire could have been seen for miles.

”Dozens of firefighters and county employees worked to contain and extinguish the fire. Luckily there where no homes destroyed.” said Maria Simmon, a local woman said.

This affected Maria because her home was pretty close to the fire, and she was scared.

”My husband came from work and was trying to calm me down because I was terrified,” Simmon said.

Then Jorge Simmon, Maria’s husband, said, ” Firefighters were doing their best to extinguish, the fire.” When the fire was close to being extinguished the wind gained strength, and the flames were back. Soon the Arkansas Forestry Commission controlled the fire with 13 fire plow dozers and two airplanes. The fire was extinguished around 1:30 a.m., bringing the long day to an end for everyone involved.


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